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April 26, 2011

Making Delicious plugin work with Firefox 4

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I love my Firefox 4, but I had one little problem since upgrading – my Delicious plugin stopped working. Since Delicious team is slow with releasing updates, here is the list of steps to fix the problem:

  1. From the menus select Help > Troubleshooting information
  2. On this new tab, near the top, you’ll see a field called Profile Directory.  Click the button in the field to launch Explorer for Windows or Finder if you’re using OSX.
  3. In the window which has popped up navigate to the extensions folder.  Inside that should be another folder named “{2fa4ed95-0317-4c6a-a74c-5f3e3912c1f9}”.  Inside this is a file called install.rdf
  4. Open install.pdf in any plain text editor.
  5. Around line 8 you should see some XML which looks like this: em:maxVersion="4.0b3pre" />
  6. Update this to em:maxVersion="4.0" /> (See we removed the b3pre bit?)
  7. Save the file and restart Firefox.
  8. The delicious extension will now work.
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